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Chemical peels, facial treatments, and skincare with Dr. Daniel Gould in
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The health of your skin depends on the life you lead. Your skin is the largest organ in your body and is the first line of defense that protects and filters out the environmental pollutants you live around. However, your skin texture changes in thickness, elasticity, smoothness, and moisture as you age. You owe it to your skin to take care of it by consulting with a skin expert like Dr. Daniel Gould and discover ways to maintain your results with various skin rejuvenation treatments such as chemical peels and facials in Beverly Hills.

How do I know if a chemical peel or full facial treatment is right for me?

Patients with naturally darker tones in their skin, those who suffer from acne problems or are prone to acne scars, are great candidates for a chemical peel. However, full facial treatments are for everyone who wants better skin glow. In addition, it is less invasive than chemical peeling and can be done more frequently. And of course we also offer skin treatments such as RF Microneedling and Laser Skin Resurfacing for those looking for other options.

What Facials, Peels, and Skin Treatments do you offer?

We offer various facial peels, facial skin treatments, and skincare products to meet your aesthetic needs. Come to our office to get one some of the best treatments that Beverly Hills patients have been raving about.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peelings are substances applied to the skin (face, hands, neck). They are used to remove dead cells on the skin by applying different solutions. The result is smoother skin, skin glow and reduced scars and wrinkles.

Facial Treatments

Full facial treatments are quite relaxing as your skin is infused with various serums and creams to restore moisture and improve circulation. Full facial treatments include cleaning the skin, exfoliating, steaming, extracting, masking, treating, moisturizing, and massaging your face.

Daniel Gould MD, PHD

What are the benefits of chemical peels and facial treatments in Beverly Hills?
Our skin treatments include the following benefits:
  • Addresses acne by killing bacteria, eliminating comedones, and reducing inflammation
  • Balance discoloration, melasma, different skin tone, freckles
  • Exfoliates and smooths skin
  • Increases circulation
  • Eliminates dry skin
  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Minimizes pores

During your consultation, Dr. Gould will determine which skin rejuvenation treatment or peel is the best option for your cosmetic needs.

How Does a Chemical Peel Work?

The chemical peel treatment is restorative and relatively simple. It only takes applying the solution to the face and waiting for it to act. The solution peels off the outer layer of the skin and cleans away dead cells from your face. Choosing the proper skin treatment for your skin-related concern is essential for optimal results.

Types of Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are divided into Alpha hydroxy acid (glycolic acid, citric acid, lactic acid) and Beta Hydroxy acid (salicylic acid). In addition, there are light, medium, and deep chemical peels that treat specific skin concerns.

Light and Medium Peels

These peels are used for dry skin, acne scars, and fine wrinkles.

Deep Chemical Peels

This option is used for deeper wrinkles, more serious scars, and precancerous skin patches. Light and medium peels can be repeated more frequently, while the deep one is only done once in a lifetime.

Recovering from a Facial Treatment or Chemical Peel

Chemical Peel recovery depends on the peeling solutions that are used. You may experience slight redness, minor irritation, and skin flaking with a light chemical peeling. However, these side effects subside in a couple of days.

What Are the Results of These Procedures?

Most people can see improvement after the first treatment, but it is recommended to do several treatments for desired results. In the end, your skin will restore on its own.

Similar results are achieved with facial treatments, but they need to be more frequent. Facial results are ideal for maintaining an achieved result from other procedures or treatments. Dr. Daniel Gould will advise which skin treatments will help with preventative skincare.

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At our office in Beverly Hills, Dr. Daniel Gould will decide the type of chemical peel, facial treatment, or skincare product to best address your facial concerns. You deserve glowing, healthy skin. Learn more about chemical peels and facials in Beverly Hills by scheduling your skin treatment consultation with Dr. Gould.