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BREAST LIFT in Beverly Hills, CA

When you notice that your breasts are starting to sag or droop, remember you have options for correcting these changes and restoring life to your bust. A breast lift in Beverly Hills may be perfect for you: the procedure can dramatically enhance your bosom, your figure, and your self-confidence.

Also known as a mastopexy, a breast lift surgically removes excess, unwanted skin from your breasts, raising and reshaping them to counter a sagging appearance. When performed by Dr. Daniel Gould, a breast lift is a very safe plastic surgery procedure with long-lasting results.

Breast Lift Beverly Hills


Your breast lift process begins with an initial consultation with Dr. Gould to determine if you are a suitable candidate. The ideal person for Beverly Hills breast lift surgery should be in good health, with no chronic diseases or pre-existing medical conditions.

Our medical team will thoroughly review the pre-and post-operative instructions for breast lift surgery. You should refrain from smoking and stop the use of nicotine products, recreational drugs, alcohol, and over-the-counter blood thinners such as aspirin. Using any of these products before your Beverly Hills breast lift procedure could increase the risk of unnecessary complications.

During your procedure, our staff will administer anesthesia. Our expert plastic surgeon will then remove the excess, sagging skin by making small incisions in your breast. Dr. Gould will also restore your nipples to a more youthful-looking raised position. Immediately after the surgery, your breasts will appear fuller, firmer, perkier, and shapelier. Over time, the scars from the incisions will fade or disappear.


To ensure a smooth recovery after your breast lift Beverly Hills patients should take steps that include:

  • Arranging a ride home from the clinic
  • Indulging in lots of rest and relaxation
  • Avoiding exercise or vigorous movement for the first few weeks
  • Avoiding lifting your arms or working out your chest muscles in any way for the first two weeks
  • Following a healthy, balanced diet
  • Engaging in a healthy, active lifestyle
  • Visiting our clinic for regular, scheduled follow-ups
  • Creating a cozy nook of plush pillows and blankets that will help you limit your movement and stay comfortable

Should you have additional questions about how to best recover from your breast lift, Dr. Gould can address them during your initial consultation.

Daniel Gould MD, PHD


By itself, a breast lift is not intended to increase the size of your breasts. The procedure simply removes excess, sagging skin, which results in giving your breasts a fuller, firmer, shapelier, and more contoured appearance.

Should you want to address sagging breasts as well as increase the size of your bust, Dr. Gould might recommend performing a breast lift in conjunction with a breast augmentation. During your Beverly Hills consultation, he can assess your situation and determine whether a combination of a breast lift and augmentation would help you achieve your cosmetic goals.

Breast Lift Beverly Hills
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When you want your breast lift in Beverly Hills to go as smoothly as possible, be sure to consult a highly trained and highly qualified plastic surgeon. Dr. Gould is experienced in a wide variety of breast procedures, including breast lift, breast augmentation, and breast reduction.

You deserve a plastic surgery procedure that enhances your figure and makes you feel more confident in yourself. We are committed to providing compassionate service while further enhancing your natural beauty. Reach out today to schedule your initial consultation.

Look younger, naturally with beautiful, concierge plastic surgery procedures. Dr. Daniel Gould assures innovative techniques, compassionate care, and a seamless post-recovery process. Experience the difference. Receive The Gould Standard of Care. Schedule a Consultation with Dr. Gould in Beverly Hills today.

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