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Blepharoplasty in Beverly Hills, CA

Eyelid surgery, or Blepharoplasty, can dramatically enhance the appearance and aesthetic of your upper eyelids, lower eyelids, or both. The procedure treats sagging skin, wrinkles, puffiness, under-eye bags, and folds around your eyelids that might impair vision. Our patients opt for eyelid surgery to rejuvenate the area surrounding their eyes and restore life to their complexion.

At our clinic, Dr. Gould offers an effective state-of-the-art Blepharoplasty in Beverly Hills. When you are considering the benefits of this procedure, our expert facial plastic surgeons can work with you to develop a customized and comprehensive treatment plan based on your medical needs and aesthetic goals.

Blepharoplasty Beverly Hills


When you are concerned that puffiness, eye bags, or excess skin on your lower eyelids makes you look tired or chronically fatigued, you can turn to Dr. Gould and his team for help.

The first step in your Blepharoplasty treatment process is confirming you are an ideal candidate for the procedure. During your initial consultation, our expert medical team will assess your eyes and consider your physical health to determine whether this procedure is right for you. During this consultation, Dr. Gould and his Beverly Hills team can answer any questions you might have about the eyelid surgery procedure.


During your initial consultation, our expert medical team will:

  • Assess your medical history
  • Explain the entire eyelid surgery procedure from start to finish
  • Review the risks and recovery process associated with blepharoplasty
  • Ensure your personalized treatment plan addresses your needs and goals
  • Recommend lifestyle changes such as refraining from smoking and stopping the use of other nicotine products, recreational drugs, alcohol, or over-the-counter blood thinners like aspirin

Your consultation is an excellent opportunity for you to familiarize yourself with our Beverly Hills Blepharoplasty procedure, and Dr. Gould can serve as a knowledgeable resource.

Daniel Gould MD, PHD


Depending on the part of your eyelid that needs treatment, Dr. Gould and his Beverly Hills team might implement different surgical techniques.


Dr. Gould will make concealed incisions along the natural crease and lines of your upper eyelids. He will then lift your eyelids and tighten any loose muscles or sagging skin. This will result in a smoother, more appealing look.


When treating the lower eyelid, Dr. Gould will make incisions along the lower line, smile crease, or lash line. To create a smooth, contoured, and aesthetically pleasing under-eye area, he will then remove any excess skin and fat.

Blepharoplasty Beverly Hills
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Recovering from Blepharoplasty is usually quick and simple. After two-to-three days of rest, you should be able to return to most activities, including reading, watching TV, or using your computer. While most patients are ready to return to their regular routine after about two weeks, some people might need more time to get back into the swing of things.

The final results of your eyelid procedure typically become noticeable after three months. If you have more questions about recovering from your eyelid surgery, Dr. Gould and his Beverly Hills staff can offer guidance.


When you are frustrated with signs of aging or baggy eyes, remember that Dr. Gould and his experienced team can help you achieve your ideally desired facial appearance. Our clinic specializes in compassionate care with a patient-first philosophy. By implementing cutting-edge plastic surgery techniques, we aim to restore your natural beauty and youthfulness.

When you have questions about Blepharoplasty in Beverly Hills, our expert medical team will be delighted to offer advice, guidance, and support. Schedule your initial consultation today to get started.

Look younger, naturally with beautiful, concierge plastic surgery procedures. Dr. Daniel Gould assures innovative techniques, compassionate care, and a seamless post-recovery process. Experience the difference. Receive The Gould Standard of Care. Schedule a Consultation with Dr. Gould in Beverly Hills today.

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