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Hair Loss Treatmentin Beverly Hills, CA

Hair Loss Can Be Stopped and Reversed!

Hair Loss Treatment at Dr. Daniel Gould Plastic Surgery

Healthy hair is beautiful and a major contributor to human physical attractiveness and self-confidence.

Hair loss is common and frustrating. But it can be addressed, stabilized, and often reversed through surgical and nonsurgical procedures that continue to emerge and evolve in medical science. If you are losing your hair, you are not powerless. Dr. Gould is a hair loss treatment specialist that patients can get excited about! Hair Loss Treatment in Beverly Hills is a powerful option, so schedule a consultation with our team to learn more.

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What is hair restoration?

Hair restoration refers to any and all medically validated procedures developed to stop and reverse hair loss. These treatments can often be combined to create effective and highly customized hair loss treatment plans.

Surgical Treatment

Hair transplant surgery grafts small pieces of healthy hair-bearing scalp from donor sites on your head to balding or thinning areas of your scalp. These relocated hair follicles are secured in your scalp using tiny punches made into your treatment areas.

Non-Surgical Treatment

Non-surgical Hair Loss Treatments can often be highly effective. Dr. Gould is a staunch believer in combining and sequencing selected procedures to optimize individual results.

To address hair loss, doctors must first understand it. Dr. Gould’s exhaustive research has found that hair loss is most frequently caused by hormonal disruption of the hair follicle growth cycle. For example, high testosterone levels can push hair follicles into a type of hibernation known medically as “senescence.” Stress factors, the aging process, genetics, and many nutritional deficiencies and imbalances — and in some cases illnesses — can also contribute to hair loss. But contrary to widespread belief, hair loss is not determined exclusively by your maternal grandfather, and baldness is not generally caused by poor circulation to your scalp.

Dr. Gould is a staunch believer in addressing all factors that can lead to hair loss. In his words: “Addressing any of these without covering all of them is not a good strategy. We can think of the system as a reactor or a fireplace. Fire requires oxygen, ignition source, outflow, and inflow. If we have perfect nutrients but the hormonal issues are imbalanced, there is still a choke point.”

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As a board-certified and highly acclaimed plastic surgeon — and a Ph.D. in bioengineering — Dr. Daniel Gould is uniquely qualified to provide state-of-the-art hair loss treatment. A winner of LA Magazine’s Top Doctor Award, Dr. Gould has earned a national reputation for innovative treatments and dedication to individualized patient care. He invites you to schedule your own Beverly Hills Hair Loss Treatment consultation by calling (310) 210-6941.

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Is hair restoration treatment just for men?

Not at all. Fifty percent of all women (and sixty percent of men) suffer from some form of hair loss. Hair restoration is very effective in treating men with male pattern baldness and women whose hair is thinning.

Is everyone who suffers from hair loss a candidate for hair restoration treatment?

No. Hair restoration is generally ineffective in treating:

  • People whose hair loss resulted from chemotherapy
  • Women with a pattern of widespread hair loss

Selecting the right doctor for your hair restoration treatment

Dr. Gould is a genuine expert on the subjects of hair loss and hair restoration. He combines elite-level training, skill, and experience with an ongoing passion for producing consistently excellent results. Schedule a consultation by calling (310) 210-6941.

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Your consultation

Dr. Gould will carefully review your medical history and ask about your diet, medications, hair care regimen, and whether hair loss runs in your family. In addition, blood tests may reveal medical or nutritional factors that may contribute to your hair loss. Microscopic examination of some of your hair may uncover possible disorders of your hair shafts.

After considering all of this, Dr. Gould will design a customized treatment plan, especially for you.

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Medication protocol

Dr. Gould has developed a protocol sequence that he has found to deliver the best and most consistent results.

Step One: Dr. Gould begins by recommending a treatment known as Nutrafol, a proven supplement prescribed in quantities appropriate for your sex and age. The medication can be purchased at our facility and renewed monthly, along with our recommended serum and stress adapters.

Step Two: Next is hormonal regulation, which Dr. Gould prefers to administer via a topical foam and topical serum.

Step Three: That is then followed by prescribing oral antioxidants that provide systemic balance including NAC (N Acetyl l Cysteine) and Glutathione.

Step Four: Once the right mix of nutrients, hormones, and antioxidants have been selected, Dr. Gould proceeds with a plan he has developed and named PHAT — PRP Hybridized Adipose Transfer. The procedure mixes fat cells with PRP that is then transferred to the scalp.

Please keep all products away from children.

Whoa! What is “PRP”?

PRP is an acronym for Platelet Rich Plasma, a treatment that uses your own blood to heal and restore normal function to many types of human tissues, including hair.

Here’s how it works; platelets are the medical term for your red blood cells. Plasma is simply the liquid portion of your blood. After drawing small amounts of your blood, your medical team uses a special centrifuge to separate your platelets from your plasma. The plasma is then “loaded up” with a highly elevated number of platelets before being injected into your scalp. Since this “cocktail” is composed of your own blood, it is very safe.

What about laser therapy?

The FDA has approved a laser device to treat hereditary hair loss in men and women. While more studies are needed to establish long-term effects, a series of small studies indicate the treatment may improve hair density. Ask Dr. Gould if he thinks you could benefit.

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It may take up to six months for the benefits of your Beverly Hills Hair Loss Treatment to be fully realized. After that, results can often be considered permanent.

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Will my insurance pay for my hair restoration treatment?

Since hair restoration procedures and medications are considered cosmetic, your insurance will not cover the costs. Have a thorough conversation with your doctor about costs prior to your treatment.

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